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Wrongful death happens when a love one dies resulting from bodily injuries suffered from a personal injury accident, whether it be traffic accident, premise liability accident or other negligence accident. As a family member of the deceased, you can file wrongful death claim against the party at fault, which includes property damage; actual medical expenses of the deceased if he is hospitalized prior to succumbing to fatal injuries; life’s lost earnings which is computed based on his last salary with computed life expectancy; funeral and burial expenses; loss of consortium; loss of love and support; emotional and psychological pain and suffering; and punitive damages.

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to make sure that your claims will not be in vain, you need to seek legal help from Car Accident Lawyer Pros in order to assist you in negotiating your claims, if not litigating your wrongful death case against the party at fault.

Be advised that not just anybody can file a wrongful death claim in favor of the deceased. Basically, only immediate family member or members within two degrees can file for wrongful death damages. Aside from this, you need to be aware that proof of damages are complicated as you will be proving not only the factual damages relating to the death of the personal injury victim but you also need to monetize your pain and suffering and your love one’s life’s worth.

This is where Car Accident Lawyer Pros come in. We are aggressive in pursuing each and every aspect of your wrongful death claim and we make certain that the party at fault pays for putting your family in jeopardy and unceremoniously ending the life of a love one.

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What To Do in Case of Wrongful Death of a Love One?

It is never easy to lose a love one, but you also need to make sure that your love one did not die in vain and without justice. Wrongful death claim can reach in the hundreds of thousands if not millions depending on the seriousness of the accident and the actual value of your claims.

  • Proof Required to Claim Wrongful Death Damages

    As a claimant it is your duty to prove that you have the right to be compensated for all your losses. In case of wrongful death claim, you need to at least provide the following proof of your claim:

    • i. You have the capacity to file suite in behalf of the deceased;
    • ii. The accident actually happened;
    • iii. The accident was caused by the party at fault;
    • iv. The deceased was not liable for the accident; and
    • v. The accident directly caused your love one’s demise.

    Only after succeeding in your hurdle to prove the foregoing can you be allowed to prove the cause of your damages.

  • Proof of Wrongful Injury Damage Claims

    After proving the fault on the part of the other party, you now need to prove the amount of your claims and you can do this by proving evidence showing the following:

    • i. Property damage – repair estimate or actual repair costs;
    • ii. Persona property – receipts for purchase or repair;
    • iii. Medical costs – receipts of payment or medical bills;
    • iv. Life’s lost earnings – employment certificate and rate of pay at the time of the accident;
    • v. Funeral expenses – receipts of burial and funeral expenses.


Wrongful death claims can reach in the hundreds of thousands and even millions because a loss of a life can never be easily quantified. If you want maximum compensation for your love one’s demise, seek help from Car Accident Lawyer Pros who have the experience in dealing with the most serious of personal injury accidents in California. Known for championing the causes of all personal injury victims, you can be assured of nothing but the best legal care available.