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Workplace injuries happen every time. The usual cause of workplace injury is negligence by co-workers or employers who fail to provide the necessary diligence required to provide a safe working environment for the employees. As a victim of workplace injury you have a right to claim all the damages and losses you sustained from the accident. Also, please be advised that you can immediately seek damages from your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. If your claims are higher than the insurance ceiling of your employer, you can definitely ask for the rest directly from your employer.

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Things to do in case of Workplace Injury Accident

Workplace injuries are a common place in our work force. However, most people don’t know about their rights, and hence, are short changed when it comes to compensation of their injuries and losses. You need to know about your rights so you can act on protecting them.

  • Can Workplace Injury Happen Only in the Workplace?

    Personal injuries that happen outside the work place can also be regarded as workplace injury. This is because, under California laws, so long as you are doing work or work related activities at the time you are involved in an accident, the same can be included as workplace injury and you can claim damages against your employer and his insurance.

    Hence, if you are delivering something which is part of your work assignment, any injury you suffered while driving, without negligence on your part, can be considered as work related injury.

  • Injuries Related to Workplace Accident

    Every workplace injury may relate to bodily injuries ranging from bruises to spine injuries and up to head or brain injury. Medical evaluations and treatments for these injuries may cost hundreds of thousands from x-rays, CT scan and MRI to obtaining chiropractic treatments, orthopedics evaluations, pain management consult and even surgeries and post-operative care. You also have a right to claim future medical costs as well as compensation for all the pain and suffering you experienced from the workplace injury.

    Seeing the amount of medical costs involved alone will make you understand why workplace injury claims are serious claims which are not to be taken lightly.

  • Evidence to Support Your Workplace Injury Claims

    Considering that this is a work related claim, you need to make sure that you put forward every evidence necessary to support your claim, which include:

    • i. Employment records to show that you are an employee of the party at fault;
    • ii. Work assignments to note that you are doing work related activity at the time of the accident;
    • iii. Evidence showing the accident actually happened;
    • iv. Police report to show investigation relating to the accident; and
    • v. Medical records to show injuries relative to the accident.


Seeking help for your legal claims can be very tedious, especially since you are not skilled in torts loss and you are also hurting due to the accident that you are involved in. To make sure that you get the maximum award of damages you deserve, you need to seek legal help from Car Accident Lawyer Pros who have decades of combined experience in providing top legal services to all personal injury victims.