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Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI happens when you are involved in a personal injury where you seriously injured your head; i.e., blunt force trauma to the head or serious jolt to the head caused by sudden jolting and jarring of the body. As you know, treatments of brain injury are always expensive. Hence, after an accident, to make sure that you did not suffer brain injury, you need to undergo CT scan of the head among others. Such medical tests should be shouldered not by you and your family but by the party at fault to the accident. If the other party is not willing to shoulder all your damages, medical treatments and other losses, you can easily seek legal help from expert personal injury lawyers who can readily assist you in negotiating your claims against the party at fault.

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In case of any personal injury accident, whether your brain injury is apparent or not, you need to seek legal help from Car Accident Lawyer Pros to make sure that you are given complete evaluation of your injuries.

Also, if it is discovered that you have traumatic brain injury, we can make certain that the other party pays for all your medical treatments and even your future medical are as well as lost earnings and compensation for all your pain and suffering. Not all lawyers or law firms are familiar with the science and treatments of Traumatic Brain Injury.

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What Can You Do in Case of Brain Injury from Accidents?

Brain injury, sometimes, are not readily detectible immediately after the impact or accident. Often times they arise much later and even the symptoms do not show themselves until much later. You need the expertise of Car Accident Lawyer Pros to make sure that you not only get the maximum compensation you deserve for current treatments but also compensation for future medical care to make sure that your family’s welfare will not be but in danger.

  • Accidents Resulting in Brain Injury

    Brain injury basically results either from traffic accidents, premises accidents, personal injuries and other negligence accidents. Even if you are involved in a minor accident like a rear-end car accident, so long as you hit your head against the steering wheel or hit the back of your head against the head rest, you may suffer brain injury.

    Head injury is also more common in slip and fall accident where the victim hits his head against the concrete floor or against a wall or any hard object subsequent to a fall accident.

  • Factors Affecting Brain Injury

    It actually doesn’t matter if the force of the accident is serious as the seriousness of impact in a traffic collision or premise liability accident is just one of the factors that could traumatically affect a person’s brain.

    Even if you suffer a simple slip and fall but if you are not aware at the time of impact, if you have poor health or if your body was positions wrong at the time of the accident, you can easily suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury. As you can see, the other party cannot deny your claim just because the accident is not serious as it seems. There are other factors that contribute to the inflicting of brain injury to a personal injury victim.

  • How to Prove Your Brain Injury Claims?

    Before you can claim damages for your brain injury, you need to prove first that your brain injury is a direct or proximate result at least of an accident that is attributable to the fault or negligence of the other party.

    Hence, prior to providing evidence to show the cost of your brain injury treatments, you need to show proof that:

    • (i) The personal injury accident is a result of the negligence of the party at fault;
    • (ii) That you did not contribute to the accident; and
    • (iii) That the accident caused your brain injury.